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A total of 217 sequences from various plant taxa were used to perform sequence and phylogenetic analysis.Given below is the brief description of DJ-1/Pfp I domain containing proteins in monocots, dicots and other species.indica and Oryza brachyantha have five, Oryza minuta has two and minimum member present in Oryza punctata, Oryza officinalis and Oryza rufipogon.Two Triticum species; Triticum urartu and Triticum aestivum were found to have three and thirteen members of the DJ-1 proteins, respectively. twenty-one DJ-1 proteins were observed in Hordeum vulgare var. Among others, Zea mays has eleven, Setaria italica and Sorghum bicolor have five, Musa acuminata has four, Brachypodium distachyon has three and Aegilops tauschii has only one DJ-1/Pfp I domain containing proteins (Table 1).indica, Oryza brachyantha, Oryza glaberrima and Oryza sativa subsp. The maximum number (twelve) of DJ-1 proteins were found to be present in Oryza sativa subsp.japonica while Oryza glaberrima has six, Oryza sativa subsp.Out of 217 DJ-1 proteins considered, ninety nine were found to be present in monocots (Table 1).

The SLG is further hydrolyzed into D-lactate by GLY II and GSH is recycled back into the system (Fig. Higher concentrations of SLG can inhibit DNA synthesis, hence is considered toxic to the living system Conventional glyoxalase pathway consists of two enzymes (GLY I and GLY II) that detoxify MG into D-lactate with the help of reduced glutathione.

In the present study, we have performed analysis of DJ-1/Pfp I domain containing proteins across plant kingdom in order to explore the existence of this unique alternate and short route of the detoxification of deleterious metabolite-MG.

In order to gain insights into the functional relevance of DJ-1 proteins in rice, we have analyzed expression profiling of these genes at different developmental stages, various tissues and multiple stress conditions.

A total of eleven DJ-1 proteins were found to be present in other plant species apart from monocots and dicots such as Bryophyta (Physcomitrella patens), Gymnosperm (Picea sitchensis) and Lycopod (Selaginella moellendorffii).

Among them, Selaginella moellendorffii has five, Picea sitchensis has four and Physcomitrella patens has two DJ-1/Pfp I domain containing proteins (Table 1).

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The number of DJ-1/Pfp I domain containing proteins represented in Table 1 for various species may not represent the actual number in case of unsequenced genomes.

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