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He is 4 years older and we are 6 days apart I couldn't be happier with him. Long story short, I broke his heart, then told him why I did it, he stood looking embarrassed, with a lost for words and apologetic. ive dated a Scorpio man for now a year, we actually split for four months but now were back on.

This was several years ago, where I had pursued another girl, but ended up dating a Scorpio, (I'm a Scorpio too). Of course, when Scorpios butt heads it is ugly, and this was particularly ugly.Attracting a Scorpio’s Interest Strengthening Your Relationship Dealing with the Rougher Patches Community Q&A Scorpios are known to be very intense romantic partners full of paradoxes, which makes dating them both exciting and frustrating!They love conquest but need to be lured into a chase.We dated about 5 more months, it was the worst of my life, and ended when she drove away drunk with another guy and ended up passed out in that guys room.The next day I was called by her and she demanded why I didn't take care of her in her inebriated state, I relayed the story and was slapped in the face.

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