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Abstinence and dating

Furthermore, it's an excuse to not do it with someone you're dating, but want to keep around for financial or emotional reasons.

I dated a religious Catholic woman with 3 kids who had claimed born-again abstinence until she re-married.

In a healthy situation of “asking first,” you never pressure someone or question them about their choice to say, “No.” You always honor the choice you gave your partner by “asking first.” 3) You cannot give consent when you are drunk.

A great deal of intimacy occurs under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

” programs say will greatly reduce the amount of sexual activity among their age group (thus increasing the level of students practicing abstinence).

Teenagers share the following four main reasons for why[private_DSP Insiders for Parents][private_DSP Insiders for Educators][private_DSP Insiders for Military and Academies][private_DSP Insiders for Community Organizations] education on consent decreases sexual activity among their peers: 1) Teenagers are not typically comfortable enough with their partner (date or a hook-up at a party) to ask first.

To start talking with your tween, teenager, or college student about dating, intimacy, and respect issues, get Mike’s critically-acclaimed resource for parents titled HELP! You and your kids will love this interactive and educational program.If the potential partner doesn't wholeheatedly accept the religious commitment of the person in question, the relationship is never going to work, even if the abstainer gives in and puts out.Religion touches on every aspect of a religious person's life, and if both partners don't accept religion as a valid criteria in making decisions in these matters, then the people involved will have fight after fight until the marriage goes down in flames.It's like if one person in a relationship thinks that extended family should be involved in every aspect of one's life and the other believes extended family exisits only to be left behind: the couple is going to have much bigger issues than just where to spend that first Xmas.Is it hard for one person to find another who shares (or at least acknowledges as valid) their deep religious commitment? Most religious people I know, however, date through their church, which skews the sample somewhat.

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This question is not specifically about the OP's personal decision indicated in that post, but is more of an open question to the single, adult 30 to 40 something female members of this board.

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