Anniversaries do you celebrate while dating

Because neither of them started with an official first date, it just never seemed like there was an appropriate time to mark our years together, and I don't know, it's just not my thing.

But even if it's not MY thing, I do totally get why people would want to celebrate say, two years of dating or of course, their wedding anniversary and it makes me happy to see people celebrate in totally romantic ways.

I'm the type of girl who seizes every occasion to celebrate something.

I agree though, it annoys me when people call it an anniversary each month.

But I get soo annoyed when couples get count every little month they're together and make it some huge thing.

I know what everyone is going to say, let people be excited, it shouldn't matter to anyone else because they're happy, all that jazz, but idk there's something to juvenile about it in my opinion. Personally, I only celebrate my anniversary annually, and I call anything else a "milestone".

But my preference is, do what you want, behave according to your instincts, and I'll make a decision based on that information.

I think I've told you guys before that I've never really celebrated an official anniversary, despite being in two different long term relationships.

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I'm curious if anyone has the same views as me on this specific topic.

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