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The taxation regime is the leading motivator for personal and corporate investment in the Cayman Islands, backed by a Government guarantee that there will be no form of direct taxation for at least 30 years.There is a demanding but supportive regulatory framework, designed to give confidence in the industry without being overly prescriptive.Given the situation in Bermuda and what he believes is the combined effect of the law and Constitution in Cayman, Raznovich said the LGBT community should seize the opportunity now to challenge the discrimination they face.

Bermudian Winston Godwin and his Canadian fiancé, Greg De Roche, took their case to the Supreme Court in Bermuda, arguing that the Human Rights Act took primacy and protected their right to marry, and the judge ruled in the couple’s favour.Raznovich has pointed out, however, that any attempts by a future government to directly articulate or spell out a prohibition against same-sex unions in the law would also breach the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.“If next government tries to change the local legislation so that it prohibits same-sex marriage, in order to stop the effect of sections 24 and 25 of the Constitution to apply without bringing about civil unions as an alternative to marriage for same-sex couples, the governor has the constitutional duty to veto that legislation because it would be contrary to the Constitution of the Cayman Islands and in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights,” he added.(CNS): A legal expert is urging same-sex Caymanian couples who want to get married to put the local legislation to the test as he believes there is no lawful prohibition to same-sex marriages in either the Constitution or the Marriage Law.Dr Leo Raznovich, a former Truman Bodden Law School professor, said members of the LGBT community in Cayman should stand up for their rights and test the legislation because the language of the law doesn’t really ban gay marriage.

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“It simply defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

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