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Dating 17

Shoshanna Lonstein was born and raised in Manhattan, New York.She attended Nightingale-Bamford School for girls in New York City's Upper East Side, graduating in 1993."I put the bottle down and looked at him like he was crazy, which he was, "No way are you dating him, you'll hurt him!He's been through enough already and I know that as soon as you see some other attractive guy or girl you'll leave him without a second thought."He glared at me, "Like you're any better!

It should be obvious to you that the person I like is Steve.

Steve doesn't want to date anyone though, he just wants to get used to this new world and Tony's more then happy to help him with that. I want to thank Jeptwin and Sabina Mohammad reviewing I love to read all the reviews I get, also thanks to the 28 people who favorited this, the 55 people who follow this, and the person who added this story to their community!

I hope you all like this chapter, I don't own the Avengers. After taking a few seconds to calm down I walked over Steve, who still wasn't looking at me, and I sat down next to him neither of us spoke for a while but I knew there was a lot on both of our minds.

"The broken tone of his voice made me want to pull this soldier into a hug and do everything to make him feel better but I knew that the action would only confuse him, "No Cap, not at you.""Oh." He looked down again, "You seem mad."I almost chuckled at that, "You seem like a little kid in trouble," I did chuckle when I saw what appeared to be a pout on his face, "I am mad Steve, just not at you.""Are you mad at Ryan?

" The concern in his voice really made me want to punch Ryan but I knew I had to take care of Steve first, which is why I was here and not punching Ryan over and over again."Look Cap I know you're still sick because even though you heal fast and really shouldn't be able to get sick I can still hear you sniffling and I can hear the rap in your voice plus you did just have a panic attack so I suggest you go back to your bed and let me go talk to Ryan for a bit." I put a hand on his shoulder and reached out to take the laptop but he hugged it close."'s accepted now...right?

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She did occasionally show up at things like team movie night but we didn't really speak to each other, the break up hadn't been because of a fight or anything like that it had been because we really didn't have feeling for each other anymore.

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