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I always tell him daily how much I love and appreciate him, I stroke his ego, why not.He is 6 foot 4, bald and gorgeous and just sweet to me oh, by the way he treats my son like his own and treats him very well.Leo men protect their family to a fault, no one can say or do anything to me, he hates for me to cry or be sad, and he always finds a solution to make me happy same for my child.So, Cancer ladies, we love to cook, and keep house for the most part, and are very caring and Leos love it. so much chemistry we actually slept together (as a Cancer woman, I have NEVER done that before) but the vibe was so strong. I have a good feeling but im going to do my best to play this by ear. I am a Cancer woman I am sort of seeing a Leo (we are on a small break) When I first found out he was a Cancer I was afraid I had a long relationship with a Leo about two years ago and he crushed me I cant even tell you how badly he screwed me over it was hard for me to move on from that and I frequently got afraid of relationships so I almost just stopped dating but a few months ago I started seeing people realized I missed the attention so anyways...I love him so much and I know he does too but I always have a bad feeling about him I felt that he is cheating me with another woman. also we have an unbelievable chemistry when I sleep in his house we make it two or three time daily..he told me that I am the sexist woman he ever met but am wondering who is the sexiest woman in Leo eyes I meant what her horoscope? I have been with him for about three years now, we have broken up many times. Would they rather you be near them so that they may get that center of attention.He never calls me & when we do text I'm the one texting first. Why would he even make plans with me to hang out again? I am a Cancerian woman and this article fits me to a bill. He has no problem with my shopping, and as long I am all dolled up he does not mind the upkeep.We made plans to see each other and he text me saying he was really tired from work and he would come the next day. I say if you Cancer women find a great Lion keep him.

What you see as a minor inconvenience she might be seeing as a major deal breaker. We were supposed to hook up after that and 4 days later I still haven't seen him. He will probably win, it is a small thing to give into since he is a great, great man.

Is there any chance (if he notices me) that'll feel the same way or at least close to it? I am currently dating a Leo man and its been about a month and I already know that I am totally in love with him he is soo attentive and he knows how sensitive I am he already has the ability to tell when I am upset...

I'm a Leo guy, and my biggest problem with Cancer ladies is that they're soooo intuitive that they assume you (the Leo) know what they're thinking! I know that I can be really clingy, I have been in my past relationships soo I have been giving him loads of space and yes it is true when I least expect it he does call and tells me how much he misses me... give him loads of space almost to the point of ignoring him...

If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Leo and Cancer compatibility article on this relationship first.

I also have a Leo man guide and Cancer woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship.

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Try to be a little more obvious at least until you know for sure that he knows you're interested! Its better if Cancer women have a lil' bit of a Leo's trait so the relationship is a good one.

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