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While they expect this from their partner, it is next to impossible for them to offer the same consideration to their other half in return and when pressed for the information it is likely they’ll lash out or explode.

The balance of a good relationship is never equal, seeing as there is always a varying level of give and take.

He hates all your friends He finds faults in all of your girlfriends, calling them a bad influence on you. Well, of course all of them are only friends with you because they want to get into your pants!

Obviously, no one will want to be friends with you just because they enjoy your personality – everyone has an ulterior motive.

It is important for anyone in a relationship where signs of a control freak are apparent to realize that they don’t have to continue in a suppressive relationship.

A relationship is supposed to be an equal opportunity partnership between two people that doesn’t necessarily have to be 50/50, but it should at least be a communion in which both people can feel comfortable and safe with being themselves and having their own ideas and opinions.

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The problem arises though when the other half of the relationship insists on enforcing complete dominance over the entire relationship. Dating A Control Freak The first and most apparent signs of a control freak are when a couple begins dating and one of the partners seems to live by the motto of it being their way.

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