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Dating namibia windhoek

They established strong trade links with the Cape; they built roads (the back road to Walvis Bay from Windhoek still follows the route of one of these), and maybe most importantly established their headquarters in Windhoek - They called it Winterhoek, which was later corrupted to Windhoek.

Some people will tell you that the Germans founded Windhoek ...

However `savage' Africans were made out to be in those days, the worst savagery of the new century surely took place in Europe.

As a result of the Sarajevo assassination the First World War broke out which meant that Germany was at war with the British Empire, in southern Africa as in Europe.

Walvis Bay at the time was under British control, and the German troops could therefore not simply march onto British territory in full battle gear.

Once the charades were finished, Von Fran Joise and his men arrived in Winterhoek where they immediately began building the fortress that today hosts the National Museum of Namibia, called 'The Alte Feste'.

Traces of the events of this time can however still be found in the rich oral traditions that circulate in local communities.

Today one can still see many reminders of the German period.

The building marked the new militaristic style of the German Colonial presence in Namibia.

The German Colonial Administration was never fully in control of Namibia.

Around the same time a group of Oorlams (the descendants of Malay slaves, Khoi-San, Dutch and English at the Cape) had moved across the Orange River with horses and guns.

These advantages made them powerful in the region, and they soon owned large stock of cattle and goats.

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Some say that the livestock were stolen from the Nama and Herero who were rich in livestock, and others say they were obtained through a form of taxation or tribute.

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