Dating yandex ru scam scammer scamming

Dating yandex ru scam scammer scamming

I proposed her and gave her ring, then i found out that she was continuing her relation with her ex-boyfriend (Vova) even before I met her.

her sister told me this and when I went thru her email and phone I found prof that she was lying and cheating behind me.

The "agency" promises to fly the lady of your interest to you, asking money for tickets and visa, and giving you deadlines when money should be paid, or "her visa expires".

They write good English, and pressurize with deadlines very well.

Russian scam collects and publishes data of Russian scams and Russian scammers only. The address of bank: ALFA BANK, 1 DIMITROV street, NOVOSIBIRSK, RUSSIA First reported: Keith DISCLAIMER: does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on this page, nor that it is error-free. The service is supplied on "as is" basis, with no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. she knew from the very beginning that I m going thru separation and I had 2 kids.

Russian scam listings are in alphabetical order according to Last Name of Russian scammer or Russian Agency Name A: (Aa-Al) A: (Am-Az) | B: (Ba-Bl) B: (Bm-Bz) | C: (Ca-Cl) C: (Cm-Cz) | D: (Da-Dl) D: (Dm-Dz) | E: (Ea-El) E: (Em-Ez) | F: (Fa-Fl) F: (Fm-Fz) | G: (Ga-Gl) G: (Gm-Gz) | H: (Ha-Hl) H: (Hm-Hz) | I: (Ia-Il) I: (Im-Iz) | J: (Ja-Jl) J: (Jm-Jz) | K: (Ka-Kl) K: (Km-Kz) | L: (La-Ll) L: (Lm-Lz) | M: (Ma-Ml) M: (Mm-Mz) | N: (Na-Nl) N: (Nm-Nz) | O: (Oa-Ol) O: (Om-Oz) | P: (Pa-Pl) P: (Pm-Pz) | Q | R: (Ra-Rl) R: (Rm-Rz) | S: (Sa-Sl) S: (Sm-Sz) | T: (Ta-Tl) T: (Tm-Tz) | U | V: (Va-Vl) V: (Vm-Vz) | W | X | Y | Z Address: pass Working 14-23 Novosibirsk Russia 630058 Email: [email protected]: Fall in love with you. after 9 months of relation where she has visited me in my country and I met her family at her country.

You may be requested to send money on the name of the girl of your interest or one of the "managers". She is writing now to XXX from Australia and asking XXX to send her money through the Western Union [email protected] She write to XXX from Greece Details: I have been scammed by this evil woman for 00. First reported: Manny Details: Typical visa/airfare scam. She wants to marry you and want to move to USA to live with you. First reported: Steve Email: [email protected]: Marina Seranova, Lenina str.30,apt.15, Severodvinsk,164500, Russia; Marina Seranova, Dalnevostochnyi ave., 42/2, PO Box 101, S.-Petersburg 193230 Russia Details: Typical visa/airfare scam First reported: S. Details: I was scammed and I knew right from the moment get go.

Most often connected with Alena Fedorovskaya scam First reported: Gregory Williams Phone: 7-8136121875 Address: 187000 Lenin street house 37 flat 51 Tosno Leningrad Region Russia Email: [email protected]: After wiring the money to her bank account, never heard from her again. This is her email address she uses to write to me [email protected] her manager's email: alian_99. I was not the only there were 3 more California, Texas, Alabama and Washington states in USA to the tune of (roughly 000) by this same girl ELENA SEREGINA wearing Hijab all the time and sending tons of pics , fully covered even while swimming .

First reported: King Details: She contacted me through a personal at American I discovered the same emails posted at blackpage272.htm#marina before I sent any money.

Also, the same set of photos may be used under different names.

Most known Russian scams appear to be run by the same few groups of Russian scammers using different names and photos.

Bank Details: Swift code bank: sabrru2p Name of the bank: saving bank of the Russian (severo - Zapadny office) St Petersburg Account number is 42307978255385000011 Account name: Olga bordovskaya tourist agency Esta Tosno First reported: Antonia Address: Russia, Mari-El, Zvenigovo, 424789 Sovetskaya 23-25 Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]: Initiated contact from internet dating site, and after 2 emails she falls in love with you, and want to come over to marry you. 15 Index=42000 Cities: Cheboksary, Kazan, Novocheboksarsk, Yoshkar-Ola, and Novosibirsk 4. Loves to Skype, video chatting in person all legitimate and Bonafide as well as voice call you numerous times .

She keeps asking money for visa and airfare to visit you. First reported: Address: Yoshkar-Ola 424000, Sovetskaya Street 153, Russia Details: She fell in love very fast and wrote nearly all the time about love and devotion, didnt answer questions about personal life and circumstances. Novosibirsk, Russia with a name Olga Semyonova on the E-mail addresses: [email protected] She is ok looking but her Hijab makes her really attractive and most beautiful women you ever met .

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Photos used in a Russian scam do not necessarily belong to the Russian scammer, and may be simply downloaded from the Internet.

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