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Expat non validating xml parser

While expat itself is mature, this a development/beta release.

I have personally built and run it under a Red Hat 6.2 system and a Windows NT 4.0 under Cygwin....

This new release of the Expat XML parser contains mostly bug fixes and patches to the build system.

A conditional feature to extract attribute byte offsets has been added as well.

read more Expat is a fast XML parser written in C based on code written by XML and SGML guru James Clark.

A new version, Expat 1.95.7, has been released by the current maintainers of the package, fixing some problems caught by picky compilers and improving the package's cross-platform support. Introduced an XMLCALL macro to control the calling convention used by the Expat API; this macro should be used to annotate prototypes and definitions of callback implementations in code compiled with a calling convention other than the default convention for the host platform....

read more James Clark, creator of the expat XML parser used in many open source projects, has turned over maintenance of expat to a team consisting of Clark Cooper, Fred Drake, and Paul Prescod. James suggested hosting the project on Source Forge with the unanimous consent of the new maintenance team.

The first goal of the team is to release a new distribution in which expat builds and installs into a shareable library.

object has been created, various attributes of the object can be set to handler functions.

In addition to the bug fixes, a Dev Studio project file (.dsp) has been added and other source changes made in order to compile expat under Dev Studio. This is the 1st release under the new team to which James Clark delegated maintenance of expat.

Using GNU autoconf and libtool packages, it has a configuration script that builds and installs a shareable library.

When an XML document is then fed to the parser, the handler functions are called for the character data and markup in the XML document.

This module uses the , if specified, must be a string naming the encoding used by the XML data.

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