Geek dating guide

Geek dating guide

If it’s a tabletop, buy a set of dice for yourself (there’s more than the normal 1-6 from your Monopoly days, trust me).

Showing interest in our fandom is a fantastic way of saying, “you are important to me, and therefore what you do is important to me.” And even if whatever your geek’s obsession is isn’t really your thing, you should give it a chance anyway. Moreover, you may discover that you’re a fan yourself.

Now there are a huge number of dating and social networks designed just for geeks.

That means it’s incredibly easy to meet other geeky guys and girls, people for whom your obsession with Wo W or your mad web design skills are actually a selling point.

We as a geek community would love to welcome you in to our particular fandom, and we hope that you will learn to love it as we do, but it should never be a criteria for a relationship to work. We share many of the same geekdoms, some of which I am very proud to say I introduced her too. So, my intrepid amorous readers, seek out your geek. Treat them with respect, and if you receive the same, you’ll have someone who will love you with both their hearts.

Cameron Jackson is a nerd, writer, and self-proclaimed, "proletariat" living in Anaheim, CA.

When not writing, he is a talented artist and performer, and can often be found shirking these gifts by playing games like Pokemon, Bioshock, and Fallout.

Your strategy for online dating depends on the type of dating platform you use.

Some of us have been told many times by many others that our hobbies aren’t healthy or good, and may be a bit defensive.In fact, after finding a human I liked, I followed a one Ms.Beyonce Knowles’ advice and, “put a ring on it”, as it were. I’ll be the first to admit that dating a geek can be a little rough. We speak in a strange language of references and hypothetical postulations. So what happens if you find that you’re on the deep end of a chemical imbalance, and discover yourself wanting to begin a relationship with a geek?Do you follow diet and exercise regimens like Atkins or Cross Fit? Contact your local World of Warcraft fan for more details.The trick is to recognize your own geekiness for what it is, and accept your new beau’s in the same way.

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If you use a more profile oriented dating app then you need to focus more on your profile and message.

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