Most popular dating questions

The flip side, of course, is that you both discover a shared delight for dogs or craze for cats, in which case the night just got better!

This one is a bit of a sneaky way to find out someone’s life story without seeming like you’re grilling them.

And though it can be tricky to navigate just how deep to ask your questions without seeming weird, chances are, the other person is wondering the same stuff about you.

If you’re an avid bookworm and someone tells you, “I don’t really read, LOL,” it might be a bit of a red flag.

In a 2013 survey, we asked Elite Singles members about their first date expectations.

Start by dishing up your own tale, then ask your partner about a time when they successfully faced a challenge.As with the first date questions above, this works for building a connection as it requires your date to tell you a story.That calls for you to listen – and, as it turns out, good listeners make extremely attractive relationship partners.This allows you both to feel a certain type of vulnerability that is ideal for forging connections.Just remember to try and keep it light-hearted: that story about the white-water rafting trip is perfect – tales about your ex are not!

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And what easier way to fulfil this wish then by knowing what it is that gets them giggling?

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    However, she will understand what you are straight away; which is just "a phase." She might even regale you both with a story about how she once dated a "punk rocker with a motorcycle" before "meeting daddy," which is essentially a nice way of saying "Lily is marrying Sebastian, and your days are numbered, dickhead."DADSThe dad is worse.

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