Problem updating 98se to xp pro

Those specs actually put this PC in the same league as the current crop of Atom-powered netbooks, performance-wise.

But the screen resolution of 1366x768 and the superb build quality of this machine, which has been well cared for, make it a better choice than a netbook.

It took more than four minutes to go from a cold start to a working internet connection. When I first looked at it this notebook it had only 8 GB of free space.

In a burst of cleanup activity, I removed 20 programs and utilities and removed 15 GB or so of hidden backup files.

My personal opinion is that QW2013 is less buggy than QW2014, at least on Windows 7. You'll also notice that RJS's statement was made during the time period that QW2013 was still a supported version of Quicken which might have influenced that opinion. BTW I have no idea if you can get a hold of a version of it, but from what I understand Quicken 2004 UK is the last UK version made. But depending on what the need is you could actually see if MS Money fits the bill.

If you got that version it would most likely read in the Quicken 98 UK data file. MS Money can even run on Windows 10 (with a hack)https://

It would be beyond your control to show up at the party. And if you look at the license agreement that you agreed to, is clearly states that these services can be terminated at any time.

And this is a perfect example of why the lawyers put those kinds of clauses into these contracts.

Sure, don't fall for the 2 releases of support and all that beezwax Quicken advertised when you plunk down $$ for the product.It's just a 30 day trial version to help you convert to a newer version.I don't know if Quicken 98 supports multiple currencies, but if it does you should be able to upgrade the UK data. ..first convert the data with Quicken 2004 and then with Quicken 2013.QW2015 is the first version that does not support Win XPHi @splasher , See this thread: J Squirrel, stated:"This is probably a matter of opinion. QW2013 will retain online capabilities for another year, until April 2016, and that's what I'm still using."@thecreator You wrote "None of the existing Quicken Products can run in Windows XP," as an absolute statement, and as I have shown, you misspoke based on Quicken's OFFICIAL system requirements in the cited article. Now, what RJS wrote may be true, it is an OPINION which he even so admits and not fact. Most of the reasons that people get off of old UK Quicken versions is because they are changing to a different operating system and are having problem getting it working on the new operating system. There was reference to trying to use MS Money's sunset version to do the conversion over to the US version of Quicken.

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The result is a process that can fairly be characterized as tedious.

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