Quake live stats not updating

Quake live stats not updating

Since this and plugins use different repositories, they will also be updated separately.However, the latest master branch of both repositories should always be compatible.minqlx is a modification to the Quake Live Dedicated Server that extends Quake Live's dedicated server with extra functionality and allows scripting of server behavior through an embedded Python interpreter.The mod has been tested on Debian 7 and 8, Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.10.A few changes that happened in the last couple days to - ranking by region - more chart types on player profiles - data for up to 100 matches in the charts - weapons can be toggled on/off in the charts - minqlx receives Glicko ratings instead of Elo for balancing - integration with Steam Server Browser Game servers are assigned a region based on Geo-IP information. Damage is now also tracked (for new matches) and has its own chart.Players are assigned to the region of the game servers they play on. By clicking on the weapon name the graph/bar for that weapon can be turned on/off.I noticed that a few days ago that some instagib/fun servers are getting rated.That's because they use standard game type factories and change individual settings instead of using a custom factory with the modified settings.

As of writing, development of the core is pretty much dead save for the occasional pull request.

NOTE: This is , at which point the 5th one gets deleted if the current one goes over the limit again.

In other words, your logs will keep the last 30 MB of data, but won't exceed that.

I can filter out instagib, but other "fun stuff" is unfortunately undetectable.

Only very few settings are part of the ZMQ stats or server browsing data. These matches should not be rated, but nevertheless stats are stored and when people play a lot on these servers, they will continue to be on the "most active" list. There are already 36 and there's not going to be 1v1 CA, 2v2 CA, 8v8 CA, classic instafreeze, vampiric infected pql loadout FFA, ...

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It will compile the latest version from source and update plugins.

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