Radioactive carbon dating demonstration

|Measurements |Mass (in grams) | |Mass of empty 100 m L beaker |55.45 g | |Mass of zinc metal |1.80 g | |Mass of beaker containing zinc chloride |58.16 g | B. You also know the mass of the beaker plus the product you produced, which is zinc chloride.

Follow-Up Questions (Show all work for calculations.) 1. The difference between these two masses is the mass of zinc chlorine produced.

(20 points) Formula: Mass of zinc chloride produced - mass of zinc used = mass of chloride reacted. Calculate moles of zinc based on original mass of zinc. (20 points) Formula: Mass Zn used x 1 mol Zn = moles of Zn used Molar mass of Zn 1.80 * 1 mol Zn/ 65.39 = .0275 mol Zn 4.

Calculate moles of chlorine reacted based on your answer for #2. (20 points) Formula: Mass Cl used x 1 mol Cl = moles of Cl used Molar mass of Cl 0.91 * 1 mol Cl / 35.45 = .026 mol Cl 5.

List and describe some sources of error that may have affected your results.

In another 1,600 years, half of that would decay, and so on until it was all gone.

It's served archeology and other fields well, but now it's in a spot of bother.

A new study by Heather D Graven from the Department of Physics and Grantham Institute at Imperial College London indicates that fossil fuel emissions are confusing things by drastically altering the ratio of carbon-14 to other isotopes.

What is the experimental empirical formula of zinc chloride?

Determine the simplest whole number ratio of moles of zinc used, to moles of chlorine reacted in the zinc chloride that was produced.

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(Take your answers to #4 and #5, and divide both values by whatever value is smaller.) (20 points) .0275/.026 = 1.1 .026/.026 = 1 1:1 ratio of zinc : chlorine Zn Cl = experimental empirical formula 6.

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