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Confidence that for many available mineral samples the radioactive transformation effects can be isolated from these other factors is the basis on which a 4.56 billion year solidification age (23) has been established for the Solar System.

In 1778 Comte de Buffon cautiously broke with Hebrew-Christian tradition in proposing that planet Earth had been in existence more than 75,000 years (6).

According to this assumption the remains of an organism are at least as old as the radiometric age of the mineral that has replaced these remains, of a geologic formation that contains them, or of a geologic formation that overlies or penetrates the formation that contains them.

Because it readily led to age interpretations that were consistent with the popular philosophical framework this assumption has not been analyzed as critically as it should have been.

It is not reasonable to expect that naturally occurring physical and chemical processes would isolate radioactive elements and compounds or their stable end-products in absolute chemical purity.

Igneous, erosion or solution processes should be expected to transport at least a portion of the daughter products that were initially associated with parent radioactive material at the site of origin.

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