Runes of magic problems updating

Runes of magic problems updating

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Runewaker doesn't combine all of their patches into 'service packs.' So, once you've downloaded and installed the client, you have to install each patch...

Thats because during the update process, only keywords, partyname and partysize will be applied, all other settings are set to default value for safety.

Not sure if you are still updating this project or not but I added in some usage for seige war for my guild.Personally, I put off the proto belt becaus Mobis are fast enough that I don't need the proto belt immediately.Instead, I fit in an early Tear of Goddess and build it into Seraph as about 4th item, which results in an immediate AP spike greater than anything the proto belt gives.2) You might already know this, but starting a game, the more the AP the better for clearing, so personally, I'm against using movement runes on her (I normally use them too).I'm using 26 AP in runes 7.8 Magic Penetration, and can clear 2 camps without taking much damage or smiting, because 26 AP adds 8 to Q's base, 8 to its per shot, and 6 to its additional damage per shot.

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Additionally there are two minimapbuttons, one for opening the configuration window and one for starting/stopping the autoinvite.

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