SCS or Sex Chat Stories is hot audio stories told to you by real sexy Indian girls.We will be starting off with Hindi and English audio sex stories but want to hear your suggestions as to what language you want.Half of the above is from him which i knew while chatting with him but for many days we both couldnt doubt each other that we are so closely related. I downloaded an application on my mobile-mig33 for chatting to pass my time.I began chatting with the boys of my interest but i never gave them much access nor my real information. He said, ok u dont like me so i stopped him, i love u x but im afraid.This also a true incident which happened after I posted my first story. SEXYMALE: like i will take ur face…nm thrust my cock SEXYMALE: n ask u to lick it DIVYA: kkk DIVYA: now stop everything DIVYA: see wat i have observed over all from ur all answers DIVYA: and which i liked too SEXYMALE: okkk DIVYA: u love to pampler gal befor taking to…I heartily thank the webmasters without whom I would not have had my second sexual experience. Show Recent Messages (F3) SEXYMALE: m soft initially SEXYMALE: bt then become wild as the action increases DIVYA: kk DIVYA: to u mind wats girl for u SEXYMALE: n r u soft or wild ?Sana Azeem: main burke mein hun mere piya jayrathod7777: teri figure kaisi hai/ Sana Azeem: meri figure 34-26-36 hai…-pooja aaj short kurta pichhe zip wala n tight chipki huii elastic wali salwar pahnihu bethne me kurta pura belt tak uthjaatahe n puri panty n ass visible box me aake bethgayehe -me pooja aaj to tum bahut sexy lag rahi ho aaj bhi lagta hai sirf hum dono hi hain box mein -pooja [arre…

More of this knows he who fucks me, so i will request him to tell you more about me.

It was last year in november that i happened to invite a boy having his handle name as thickstud8 and i was too much impressed by him. He requested me to send her my pic but i denied but he succeeded to convince me for my secret organs pics and i accepted. We both were similar in family so we liked more each other. He made me understand, darling its so safe and yet u fear, why? Neither u nor i can reach each other, cos u live in indonesia and im in india. He said, pl dont ignore and open ur gate and send a pic telling ur naked and ur gate open.

He also gave some false information which i never could know nor i wanted to go deeper, but what we talked had always been happy ending and i began to fall in love with him. By then i often lay quite naked in the bed so i took my tits pic and sent to him. I took pity on him and took a fresh pic of my naughty cunt and sent to him. We both shared our private and secret pics and i struck my head when i happened to send to my face pic stored in memory card. Though i repented a bit but let it go and forced him to send to me his face pic. I said, ok and i opened the gate and sent him the pic. He put me to eager desire and he sent his pic and i was astonished to see my own bro pic. I hid my boobs and removing my hands and smilingly he said, why hide them?

Jayaprakash N: hi babe.anita4u: hi Jayaprakash N: all well there babe.anita4u: ysss Jayaprakash N: k Jayaprakash N: so what news ?

Jayaprakash N: how was weekend babe.anita4u: nothing babe.anita4u: not bad Jayaprakash N: k Jayaprakash N: didnt go out babe.anita4u: naa re Jayaprakash N: oo u have to nurse a baby .. Rohan Mehra: hey nikita…have u found some one else now to chat with Rohan Mehra: quite a busy soul nikoosaxena: shut up Rohan Mehra: why…


In return i got his fully erected cock which stirred up my sex emotions a lot. It was late so we both saw off as good night with a promise to come tomorow, cos it would be saturday so by a much late we could do have our nice sexy chat. Perhaps he had already known me thats why he never sent to me his face pic. He then told, ok but promise u will not switch off ur mobile after getting my pic. He told me, lay in the bed and send ur bare body pic and i did that too. I said, sorry x and switched off my mobile but i felt someone enter my room very secretly. We are now well introduced more than being sis bro.

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