Validating software requirements

Validating software requirements

SRS is a document created by system analyst after the requirements are collected from various stakeholders.SRS defines how the intended software will interact with hardware, external interfaces, speed of operation, response time of system, portability of software across various platforms, maintainability, speed of recovery after crashing, Security, Quality, Limitations etc.Faults can result in dangerous failures causing loss of life, financial loss or property damage.The mission of V&V is therefore to find and correct errors as early as possible in the development life cycle thus preventing the delivery of a faulty product to a customer.The requirements received from client are written in natural language.It is the responsibility of system analyst to document the requirements in technical language so that they can be comprehended and useful by the software development team.System testing is a major validation event where a system is validated against the user's statement of requirement.It aims to show that all faults which could degrade system performance have been removed before the system is operated.

Analysts and engineers communicate with the client and end-users to know their ideas on what the software should provide and which features they want the software to include.Trust, but verify (a translation of the Russian proverb: "doveryai, no proveryai") - Frequently used by U. president Ronald Reagan (in regard to nuclear disarmament talks between the USA and Russia); also a favourite with Soviet revolutionary Vladmir Lenin Verification and validation is a systems engineering discipline that determines if work products comply with their specifications and are fit for their intended use.More specifically: The Wright brothers experienced one of mankind's most sublime moments of validation when their aircraft The Wright Flyer proved it was fit for the purpose for which it was designed: for man to fly.See sidebar Validation demonstrates that a software or systems product is fit for purpose.That is, it satisfies all the customer's stated an implied needs (the Wright brothers needed to fly).

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This feasibility study is focused towards goal of the organization.

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