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Who is elan gale dating

We need to REMIND them about the way of things.” That doesn’t sound very nice, even if it does come with a glass of wine, and it’s also hypocritical.

Diane’s reminders that it was important for the plane to arrive on time were what bothered Gale so much in the first place.

The cousin wrote that Diane “was very contrite and upset” about being rude to the flight attendant, but she “hasn’t been handling her imminent death very well.” Oh God, the regret! Melissa Stetten, the model who live-tweeted another airline interaction (with Christian vocalist Brian Presley), wondered why we weren’t more skeptical of Gale’s account.

The story promised some kind of grand moral message, helped along by its timing: Thanksgiving travel is stressful — don’t use that as an excuse to be an asshole. Diane, in bits and pieces, was served to us as an example of what happens when you forget about all of that and let your impulses fire away without being halted by common sense.

But Gale took his experience of the event as the whole truth without considering what might make a stranger’s flight delay a more serious annoyance than his own — just as he accused Diane of not sparing a thought for the lives of the airplane personnel and her fellow passengers, he felt that he knew everything about the situation and presented it to us as the truth. Ideally, there is no Diane at all, and Gale is just producing his own social-media reality distraction with invented characters, points and counterpoints, and a lot of moral ambiguity — . In an effort to teach people how to be nice (and to get plenty of attention for this lesson), Gale showed us how little he knew about kindness.

There were a lot of fun trips to wine country and a lot of great, long, winding conversations I wouldn’t have been open enough to have otherwise. How to deal with dating and friendships and society and going to concerts and having sex and knowing we are all going to die one day. How to deal with this very difficult thing we are all doing together: living. I had tremendous support from the people out there that reached out to me and shared their similar stories and for that I am very grateful. But I have to remember that there’s nothing wrong with alcohol, there’s just something wrong with me. I’m happier now, and I’m healthier now, and I’m in a loving relationship, and I like myself a little more than I used to. But it was definitely the best thing that I ever did.

Being uncomfortable at parties and dinners has become second nature too.

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But now Instead of chugging half a bottle of whiskey, I just deal with it. My reason for drinking was to “deal with it.” To deal with the things I didn’t like about the world, and my life, and myself.

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